April 17th – Bye Bye, “Lady”, Bye Bye.

‘No funeral rite, nor man in mourning weeds,
No mournful bell shall ring her burial;
But throw her forth to beasts and birds of prey:
Her life was beast-like, and devoid of pity;
And, being so, shall have like want of pity.’

So this is the day that decent people turn their backs. If the above quote is anything to go by, good old Will has seen this woman buried before. There is nothing to celebrate today and though I have felt torn because of the memories I have of her and what she represents, bitterness can be a cancer that feeds on the healthy cells of the heart. Some may say that she was a cancer that turned black the pink heart of our nation. You see, I can understand her ideological fervour, her absolute determination to defeat those she saw as the enemies of her vision; but what I fail to understand is the nasty vindictiveness of it all. Not satisfied with killing of 500 Argentinian conscripts when The Belgrano was sunk, she stood before the cameras and announced to a baying nation that they should ‘rejoice!’

Belgrano bodies, bobbing, bloated

500 babies dead.

‘Rejoice! Rejoice!’ With joyous voice.

The Milk Stealer said.

It is this that I find most difficult to forgive, because it is clear that she was not only a conviction politician whose drive to impose her will destroyed the lives of many. She was at the same time a vindictive, cold hearted woman who had no concern for the people whose lives she destroyed. She had the heart of a Saddam or a Pinochet and in a different setting she would probably have behaved in a similar way.

It seems that I have failed in my attempt to avoid bitterness, so I’ll say no more and part with a poem I wrote 30 years ago, that tells of my feelings toward her then and now.

Iron Maiden

As proud as Lucifer

you breathe your devil’s breath

O accursed Angel of Hell

Spurned from Heaven to prey on death.

Subject us no more to your closed doors

O vicious Iron Maiden.

Return to purge the evil dead

leave the living to make a haven.

Bluebeard soul reincarnate

your bloody hands harassed the meek

persecuted the elderly

and destroyed the weak.

So go back. GO! with your blue devil disciples,

return no more with that apron of blue.

Let Hell fires burn, till liquid,

your iron carcass runs from view.


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