April 18th. Japanese Maple and the Union Jack


I really should clean those windows!

Through this cobwebbed pane I can see juvenile leaves on the Japanese Maple unfolding themselves to the sun, while below, on the ground, lie the mush of last years crop that blazed before they fell. The only constant is the tree that knows the like of those that went before and each spring provides the world with more.




I stand above them all

the leaves that I have lost,

and keep the moulding hall

through wind wracked rain and frost.


Their features I recall

forever to riposte.


They fall in seasoned age

red crisped or golden brown

and land upon the graves

of ancestors de-crowned.


Forever, I will stage

fresh life above the ground.







Someone on Facebook posted the following words sat proudly upon a Union Jack.


‘Isn’t it weird that in Britain our flag offends so many people, yet our benefits don’t.’


What is this supposed to mean?

Is it an attack on people who claim benefits per se, because they don’t like the Union Jack?

Why wouldn’t they like the flag, is it too colourful?

Is this about colour?


Comments welcome, as you can see I’m very confused.


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